A self-taught painter, Laura captures the dynamic complexities of the feminine experience through emotionally charged portraits.  Drawing inspiration from a wide range of visual and cultural sources–from Unskilledworker to Alessandro Michele’s lines for Gucci–Brooks’ poignantly ethereal figurative paintings provide us with an intimate glimpse of the world through her eyes.  Hers is a universe of juxtaposition: engaging beauty and isolating melancholy, accidental vulnerability and intentional defiance, youthful exuberance and ageless serenity.  She works and lives in Brooklyn, NY.



  • Wonderfair - Wynwood, Miami (Group Exhibit)

  • Paridaez, Boston (Solo Exhibit)


  • Beauty for Freedom benefit show, New York. (Group Exhibit)

  • Musee Lingerie, New York (Solo Exhibit)

  • NYU Luxury & Retail conference, New York (Solo Exhibit)


  • Various live painting demonstrations at Soho House, Norwood Art Club NYC, ACME, and Blick (Solo Exhibit)